uw tank

Why is there a tank thing in front of Terry Hall?

Why is there a tank thing equipped with a fire extinguisher and surrounded by caution tape and telescoping cones?

Why is everyone walking around like it ain’t no thing to have a baby tank device hanging out in front of your dorms?

I would not have felt that way when I was properly in college. I think I can safely say none of my classmates would have either.

Apologies for the buscam photo. It’s just that I wasn’t at my stop yet… and some kind of DNA-deep self preservation says, “Do not get off the bus to investigate the large, weapony-looking thing. You stay on your bus. You just keep on going.”

Update: a friend who apparently knows these things has informed me that this is a core sampler, used to see what layers of minerals and rock exist at different depths of a piece of land. Relevant, because a scant couple lots down from this, a fair amount of construction is going on.