Everything Looks New Again, and Can So Many Times

I love writing titles like that. My job involves, among other things, SEO-conscious writing and good internet content practices. Writing a title like that is the wordsmith equivalent of gliding about in a sequined caftan.

Here are things I’ve done since I last wrote to you properly: went to Paris as part of a duo, took a timeout in Rennes, went to Paris solo*, explored Berlin, slept in a boat in Amsterdam, joined my family in Florida for the holiday, got drunk on salt in New Orleans while rediscovering my love of oysters, decided to live in Capitol Hill for one more year, took an intro to programming class, got a new job, flew business class to Tokyo, bathed naked in a hot mineral pool while gazing at Mount Fuji, turned 32**, and returned to my blog.

I swear, I lose track at how eventful stuff can get until I write one of these big run-on paragraphs.

I also got a new camera. This is the first picture I took with it.

Echo at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

In which I learned the Sculpture Park got a hell of a new addition.

Here’s another view that isn’t the first shot ever of something: Continue reading

Save Ferris*


I need to hang out at the waterfront at night more often, it seems.

My Modern Met put together a really beautiful collection of long-exposure images of the Seattle Great Wheel** at times when it puts on its fancy clothes for holidays and the like. God, I love stuff like this. I’ve never been up in this thing, but I will soon, and I’ll bring you along. Also maybe a flask – I hear it’s pretty slow going.

Fun fact: one of the highlights of the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis was the 26-story Ferris Wheel, which could hold 2,000 people. It was the same Ferris wheel featured at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.*** However, after its second life in St. Louis, it was BLOWN THE FUCK UP, and only its axle remained. Only no one knows where it is – people believe it may still be in Forest Park, where it’s not out of the ordinary to find weird artifacts from the World’s Fair. But a GIANT FREAKING AXLE remains out there, unaccounted for. This is an open case, people! This is still a thing being discussed!

World’s Fairs are weird things. I wish they still happened in all their hopeful, disposable glory.

*Eesh, sorry.

**Yes, that is the name of the Seattle Ferris wheel when it’s at home.

***P.S. Go read Devil in the White City. I’m serious, get to it, now.