I’m Back, Kittens

Did you miss me? (No, of course you didn’t, because of the miracle of scheduling posts.)

I have approximately 500-odd pictures to sort through. That’s going to happen soon. Once I get through the gauntlet of work, class, and various obligations. So: November.

In the meantime, I have this for you.

hanauma bayI snorkeled in that. I snorkeled, and it was wonderful, and I chased rainbow fish and was reminded of another layer of being a joyful human being that one can forget about living in the Pacific Northwest. And as being a joyful human being is pretty much my goal above all else*, that is a pretty great thing.

So I shall see you soon with tales of muddy trails, military installation-topped mountains, ripoffs that are worth it, adventures in pescetarianism, and one pale and nerdy person wading through the deep metaphorical waters of a very strange place.

Also, some of those tags? Just reused because I could. I confess.

*The “all else,” however, is an exceptionally long and exciting list these days.

Treasure at Central Lutheran Church

Wait… what’s this?

A magical treasure in the yard of a Seattle churchIs it a portal to another, better reality? A bitchin’ poster from a fabulous 12-year-old girl’s room from 1989? Let’s get closer.

A HERO IN SEATTLEOH SHIT. What? Why would someone leave this out? Why is this abandoned?

Wait… not abandoned. No no. Someone shared this with us. Our lives are embiggened and embettered by this new fact. We walk away from this vision fuller, more effective humans, ready to spread beauty, bravery, and the purest kind of love.

IMG_0803aHave you ever seen the color of your dreams while awake? NOW YOU HAVE.

Go forth, child, and enrich others.