I Love Bedlam

I think it makes me a bit of a traitor to Capitol Hill, but Bedlam in Belltown has been rapidly approaching the top of my list of favorite Seattle coffee shops. I know, I know. But there’s something about their constantly shifting art and t-shirts, their self-consciously-but-perfectly Seattle-funkā„¢ decor, and their wonderful earnestness that just… works.

Also, the coffee is good, if you care about that too.

I was there today, and I spent some time reading in their excellent upstairs closet-turned-reading-nook.* Before I took myself upstairs, though, I saw this.

No-Sip Coffee Cup!Amuse your friends!I asked the adorable, always-incredibly-friendly ponytailed gentleman barista, “Did you guys get a shipment of bum lids?”

He grinned and gave me the slightest nod.

So this kind of thing? Where someone gets a super-goofy idea and carries it out to the tune of graphic design and completed packaging? This is genuinely what makes my days worth living sometimes.

Bless you, Bedlam. Bless you and your iced decaf Americanos, served in a mason jar with a handle.

*I am fortunate enough to be able to tell you that said nook is also a stellar place to squeeze in with someone you fancy to be cozy and ever-so-slightly inappropriate in a public space. Yes.