Baker Street Is Made of Misdirection

Sherlock Holmes tile in the Baker Street Underground station

It starts in the Baker Street Underground station.

221b Baker Street sticker on the back of a street signYou get another quiet little hint once you emerge on the street.

Sherlock Holmes cafe sign on Baker StreetThe surrounding businesses are only too glad to contribute clues.

Sherlock Holmes has an official dry cleaner, it seems.Seems legit. You don’t want to wash your deerstalker on permanent press, after all.

Sherlock Holmes cafe and beveragesBaker Street is basically a celebration of finite copyright.

221b Museum sign on Baker StreetBut could we be getting close?

The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker StreetSort of. But that isn’t 221b.

There doesn’t seem to be one.

This is the building that stands between 219 and 231.

The possible 221b Baker Street?

Curiously unnumbered.

What must it be like to pay millions of pounds to live at what may be one of the most famous addresses in the world… but to prefer to keep it on the DL? Is it a curious pride, or just irritation that the building in your price range with the amenities you like happens to have literary significance that keeps tourists gawping at your front door all year round?

The woman in this story probably has some idea.

This series of pictures, and this weird, unplanned little investigation, brought to you by fish and chips restaurants with a BYOB policy and a Tesco in easy walking distance.

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