Hither and Thither #15

stripey mountains

The real-life version of those layered sand sculptures in bottles you used to beg your parents for at the county fair.

division squiggleHow to ride the bus when it’s crowded and shitty. This is required reading, Seattlelites. Yes, even for you. Especially for you.

I will add one more thing to that: mind your backpack, jerky. Because you – the one who gets on the 70 around South Lake Union and is completely unaware of the different perimeter your giant backpack gives you? You’re getting pushed when your big dumb backpack gets in my face. And you are not allowed to look put-upon when it happens. Thus spaketh… me.

division squiggleHistorical graffiti, including a profile painted in blood.

division squiggleAlways look up. And back.

division squiggle

leejeeyoung01JeeYoung Lee’s photos are “un-Photoshopped” (my inner editor hates this non-word, eesh), but the apparently pretty small space that she works in may actually be technically magic by now.

division squiggleTavi demonstrates the sublime rewards and clear gravity of getting it while it’s still going on.

division squiggleSymbols, assumptions, and the Wild West we should strive for: What Screens Want by Frank Chimero.