Hither and Thither #10

Prosthetic eyesOcularists: a creator of prosthetic eyes. It’s meant a lot of things over the last couple millennia, but for a pair of families, it means two strikingly different philosophies. The LA Times explores the gulf that exists between the art and science of ocularistry.

division squiggleBecause Halloween is so awkwardly midweek, I declare that this weekend has also been Halloweekend. (The substantial number of costume-wearing people I saw Friday and Saturday night agree with me.) As such, this excellent roundup of horror movies set in New York is still timely. This is a new blog I’ve found, which looks at New York from the distinctive view of a location scout.

Also, this kind of thing is why going to New York feels like entering the real world, and leaving feels like going back to the outside to look in.

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Capitol Hill has a new bookstore, and I can’t wait to wander through it!

division squiggleBeer-drinking friends, animation-loving friends, neat-stuff loving friends – that is, all my friends – you all need to know that this exists, and you need to follow it immediately.

division squigglegreyhound bus signAt Wonder and Risk, a look at the numbered days of the downtown Greyhound station.

division squiggleSeattle Is Dead, spraypainted at Bobby Morris FieldA Deviation Obligatoire picture ended up in this week’s Capitol Hill Seattle photo roundup again. Rad!

division squiggleUntapped Cities offers up views of the Statue of Liberty as she was being constructed in Paris and New York. I love how forbidding she looks. During times of the deepest political stupidity here in the U.S., I always imagine her thinking, “For fuck’s sake, can you just get your shit together. Just for a day. God.”

Construction-Statue-of-Liberty-Face_New-York-City-Untapped-Citiesdivision squiggleNew York’s second international street artist residency this fall didn’t go quite as swimmingly as Banksy’s.

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