Hither and Thither #11

kimya-and-turtleI’ll just leave this here.

division squiggleheart-1-0115The curious, wonderful collision of science and poetry. Her face!

division squiggleOne of the DO Flickr’s pictures ended up in the CHS photo roundup again this week. Whee!

division squiggleJanol-Apin-Photograpy-Paris-Metro-Champ-de-MarsIn the 1990s, photographer Janol Apin made literal (i.e., “punny”) representations of a variety of Paris Metro stations.

division squiggle racer can

The PI posted roundups of beautiful bathrooms of Seattle… along with the, er, more noteworthy ones. I can’t speak to Canlis, but I have been in the one pictured above – many times. Not pictured: the delightfully oppressive miasma of ammonia.

division squigglecat_10In which a fat ginger cat occasionally improves works of fine art.

division squiggleAnd finally, here are some excellent things to listen to this week. You can learn about the tangled history of orange cheese at NPR, listen to a mini usability study on revolving doors on 99% Invisible (which is far more interesting than I just made it sound), hear what it sounds like when Ignatius J. Reilly meets Lovecraft on episode 420 of Escape Pod, or try out some alt vampires/zombies or a tale of blood-induced mindbending at Pseudopod (yes, I’m a bit behind, but catching up).