Hither and Thither #17

bookhive01In the spirit of “Yes, I would eat that” (something I say fairly often, if only to myself), I present: “Yes, I would live in that.”

division squiggleVenues. VENUES. Listen: you need to tell your shitty patrons to shut the fuck up. This enables your non-shitty patrons to have a nice time.

division squiggleThere are two living grandchildren from the tenth president of the United States. No, seriously, Snopes that shit (as I often say to my family).

I subscribe to the Snopes RSS feed for two reasons:

  1. To feel vaguely (or specifically) superior when reading the incredibly stupid shit some people believe
  2. To guess whether the less-than-obvious ones are true or not

I lost on this one. Although, by the time you read this, there may only be one grandchild remaining…

division squiggle“I haven’t worked out all the details,” [Bob Cassilly] told St. Louis’ Riverfront Times in 2000, “but the theory’s sound. Everyone likes to throw rocks.” Just outside of my home city is an unfinished monument to being the freaking coolest person.

division squiggleI’ve started posting La Push pictures and videos over on Flickr. Behold.

division squiggleWE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!

division squiggle

And, finally, some listening for you this week.

  • I often skip NPR music stories – I don’t really like talking about or hearing other people discuss music, so I just don’t care. That impulse came twice as fast when I realized it was a story about Christmas music, of all the unfortunate things. But then… NPR came through with a great little story about Christmas music for the sullen. And no, it doesn’t include the Charlie Brown music – that’s a given by now.
  • I didn’t know about Numbers Stations until this week’s 99% Invisible. And, in the space of about 15 minutes, I became informed, obsessed, unsettled, and delighted.
  • The Bugle is always worth it. The section on their Christmas special about Santacon in New York? I did not think it was possible, but it suddenly became even more worth it than usual. Don’t fuck with Santa.