Hither and Thither #8

The Tianducheng Eiffel Tower soars over its unlikely surroundings. A nearly deserted replica of Paris in Tianducheng, because of course there is.

division squiggleA pretty rad little time-lapse video of that stackable, modular apartment building in Belltown. division squiggleCapitol Hill Seattle has included pictures from our Flickr in their CHS pool roundup for the last couple of weeks, and that is just delightful. Thanks, CHS!

division squiggle640x500xfastfoodvienna7.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tpU2woraW7These late-night oases attracted me in a way that gave me sympathy for the moth.

division squiggleConsider my hatches battened down. I’ll own this one – I’ve lamented, several times, that last winter did not grant me a snow day in which I could hang out at home, work remotely, eat some eggs, and enjoy the fine afternoon company of my cats. It sounds like I’m going to feel stupid about having said this, which – to my credit – I was aware of in the moment. So, um, sorry.

P.S. EYMAN!!!!!!!

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My friend Alex started a blog about her art and her ambition. And she did indeed make me cookies in exchange for one of my favorite pieces of bullshit copywriting I’ve ever done.

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DSC_0037Sculptures from Japanese Straw Art Festivals, done with surplus straw each harvest. That shiba inu gets around.

division squiggleCurrent methods of measuring, rewarding, and punishing worker productivity turn out to have some painful origins.

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