Hither and Thither #9

As I mentioned last week, I listen to a lot of podcasts. It’s at the point that I’m pretty choosy about taking new ones on, because I hate a backlog. (The 47 unheard podcasts on my phone as of this writing would be surprised to learn that.) However, when I read Sarah Vowell’s post about 99% Invisible on Facebook, I got that big-pupilled Kate Beaton drawing look on my face that means “WE WANTS IT, GIVE IT TO US.” I’m looking forward to diving in this weekend.

In the meantime, they have a Kickstarter to support their next season. I am 99 percent sure I will be throwing them money once I listen to, oh, about 0.75 of one of the podcasts. Because it is a podcast about beauty, design, intention, and history. Are you kidding me.

division squigglebavarians with gunsAn overview of Washington’s own deeply unlikely Bavarian-style town, written by a British woman on her Paris-themed blog. Yes, internet, I like you just fine.

I like Leavenworth, although I’ve been once and don’t feel compelled to go again. I went around Christmas with friends several years ago. Lots of tourists in weird hats, due to an oddly successful weird hat store, placed prominently in the center of the town. My favorite part was a big, big tree, its canopying branches carefully wrapped in softly glowing blue-white lights. If it hadn’t been about 25 degrees, I might’ve laid down on the stone wall beneath it and stared up at it and the peeks of midnight-blue sky showing through for hours. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse that I didn’t have a camera up for capturing it.

division squiggleOne of our foggy-morning photos ended up in the CHS weekly photo roundup again this week.

division squiggleAnother addition to my February Reykjavik itinerary.

division squiggleI was attending a Halloween party full of preschoolers (true, unlikely story), so I missed Hilloween. Fortunately, Capitol Hill Seattle did not.

division squiggleI saw a baked potato vendor at Versailles and was deeply confused – I couldn’t pin what nationality such a thing would be targeted at.

Persephone Magazine solved the puzzle. (Also, DAT THEME, hello.)

division squiggleIt has, I am sure, been established that I have a bit of font nerd in me. Here, local cartoonist/artist/designer/whatnot Dalton Webb explains the far-flung font inspirations for the logo for Witness on Capitol Hill. (Recommended, by the way. It has a nice combination of decorative whimsy and v. serious cocktails, just what I like in a bar.)

division squiggle


The surprisingly short, delightfully strange life and evolution of the sports bra. This vital piece of equipment can trace its modern form to an inventor’s husband parading around with jock straps on his chest. Innovation!