Hither and Thither #18

We’re past Christmas, sure. But as an introvert who recently had the terrible experience of social batteries running out, I feel this essay should still be required reading.

division squiggleBless you, Santarchy. Bless you, Seattle.

pike market santarchydivision squiggle The Hairpin reprinted one of my very favorites.

division squiggleThe PI reflects on Seattle’s 2013 failures. Somehow, the I-5 bridge collapse isn’t number one.

division squiggleThe top Capitol Hill Seattle photo pool pictures of the year. There are some really lovely photos in here, none of which I will spoil by ganking to show here.

division squiggleGuillermo del Toro’s sketchbooks make me seethe with jealousy in the most beautiful, admiring kind of way. I mean, goddamn. Aaaaand I just added yet another book to my long, long list of holds.

division squiggleI love year-end roundup lists, which means I love the internet at this time of year. Here’s your next week’s worth of work procrastination, courtesy of reading recs from Gawker.