Hither and Thither #28

Pew pew kitty

I’m thinking of starting a Flickr set of just cat graffiti. I see more and more of it, as if the internet sprung a leak.

Ah, yes, the Deviation Obligatoire Flickr. I’m hoping to dump a couple dozen pictures in there over the next couple of days. I’m finally making my way through Iceland! Yes, this week includes a return to Reykjavik, nostalgia (sort of) over my old commute to the Eastside, and my last thoughts about San Francisco (for now). When this goes live, I may be up to my elbows in clamming. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost a decade and yet stuff like this still seems exotic to me. Clamming! Clam guns! Sure, northwesterners, bring it.

division squiggleA fascinating (and, of course, beautifully presented) little roundup of how one couple creates while on the road.

division squiggleI’ll be in New York at the end of April, and I hope to make it to number one on this list because… this is why New York exists. Its density allows all these unlikely things to become real and then to be supported.

division squiggleI’m not one for home improvement projects, but the painted wood in piles, the original molding, the tattered wallpaper from the chateau’s former grandeur… goddamn. I spent like ten minutes looking at this at work, wide-eyed and wondering at the world.

division squiggleAnd I’ll leave you with some worthwhile things to listen to. 99% Invisible is, of course, always worth your time, but their wonderful little look at stupid lawyer ads, laws that govern them, and the intent behind them is pretty fascinating. (Shout out to Brown & Crouppen! They’re here to help! Or so I heard like every afternoon of my entire childhood.)

Similarly, The Bugle is also always worth a listen. It makes me sad that this isn’t on the must-listen list of every smart person I know, because I’ve adored this one for years. This week’s is especially good because it walks that poignant line between mockery and some genuine sadness about how stupid people can be. The best, most lingering kind of comedy.